Photography & Social Media Content in Lafayette, LA

Website Design & SEO can be easier with Komodo Design Group. So many of our clients started out doing things to “make things easier” or to “be more cost effective” they learned after working with us, this is still the case through the years…just more productive.

With today’s social media market there are many reasons to post something on the internet. Schedule your appointment today to discuss how often and with the right schedule online. Today many offer high dollar values with nothing creative to justify their reason. Komodo Design Group has a main focus…maintain customer retention while allowing the client to see a return on investment. Social media is not all about getting likes. Contact us today for more information with prices starting at $150 monthly & $75 for photography content (including branding) it’s time to get started! We even have a solution for your product photos on social media. ~ Komodo Design Group: A Great Idea.

photography and content pictures for Facebook and social media lafayette la