About Us

Website Design & Search Engine Optimized Leader

Komodo Design is a locally owned and operated web development company. Our mission is to help the emerging small business professional with the challenges and questions they face in online marketing. Website design, logo identity, commercial photography, and search engine optimization (SEO) just name a few of the many categories we will help you conquer. Komodo Design knows Acadiana. We would like to help you also know your markets growth potential.

Understanding a client, and listening to their needs can help build the client’s brand quickly. The right perception needs to be taken in order to earn the client’s trust. We earn your trust by putting your brand online in unique online arenas. The arenas are catered and develeloped by o analytic design and marketing team. And we make sure our clients are always in rotation with the right area of expertise, getting you noticed the right way for your local market. Komodo Design is ready to listen, learn, and understand your needs so you are able to get back to running your business. We help the client understand search engine optmization, (SEO) and educate the client in web analytics.

Choosing the right person to put your business in the driver seat is part of staying in business. Having a friend on your side to help you better understand the internet as a selling tool could be the extra edge your business needs to compete while you have more time to focus. Become a part of the Komodo Design family of clients, let us become the shoulder you rely on for your internet challenges.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization is the new service every website needs. This service can give a client an extra edge for their marketplace.

SEO and Online Marketing For 63 Clients Annually.

“SEO consists of various strategies many people leave out when implementing this service for a client. Being easily noticed is a part of having a successful website.”

Komodo Design uses advanced computer programs to analyze the keywords a client would like to be considered by on a search engine. This drives more traffic to your website. People are looking for items everyday online. While a client may be searching for your business name, they may not always know the correct spelling. Customers are unique, they all do not do the same search on a search engine. So if an attorney wants to be creatively found by a client, he may be surprised how and what people are searching to find him. Knowing how many characters to use on what line as well as knowing what & when to add a specific term are all things people take for granted when wanting to be noticed. Implemented effectively, these practices can communicate with a search engine quicker and can get YOU found faster. There are a great deal of changes taking place in the c0nstant move to the top. Allow Komodo Design the chance to help you succeed in this market.