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Live And Local

Live And Local is a leader in finding Live Music, Events, & Festivals in The Lafayette & Acadiana area. Online since 2012 it continues to help many travelers and locals alike find various information as well as list their very own events on a local calendar.

tasteimonial restaurants lafayette la ideas

Tasteimonial has been an interesting idea and contonues to find many great reasons to find something positive about local restaurants and dining in the Lafayette & Acadiana area. Enjoy this site today!

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Acadiana Social

Acadiana Social was an idea starting in 2003 before Social Media hit in the Acadiana area…the concept was to have a directory of Facebook pages so many from an out of town market can easily find and search local interests while visiting. The site is still online and businesses are allowed to be a part of the idea in the Lafayette & Acadiana area. Enjoy this site today!

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Radio Louisiana

Radio Louisiana is a mobile app based & internet radio station currently helping many local musicians, as well as Louisiana music artists currently. The concept was to allow Louisiana musicians to have a place to flourish as well as be written about. Follow the station today on Facebook and start listening by downloading the app today on Google Play and I-Tunes. With Live And Local as a part of the project starting in 2016 as a collaboration it continues to help many more. The station also talks to live music goers and promotes Louisiana Festivals idea in the Lafayette & Acadiana area. Enjoy this site today!