If you have not been to Live And Local Acadiana: The Live Music Source For Acadiana you should take the time to visit the site. You will find various events throughout Acadiana. You will find Live Music and many interviews with local musicians in a quarterly idea called “Guitar Talk.” The site has been online for a total of 3 years and has a growth rate that just keeps climbing. With an average of 200-350 unique visits a day and four local members and rising to help the project stay funded; the site continues to pick up followers on facebook, and had a goal crushing 1.6 million impression hits in 2014. With a new onine magazine on the way coming in February 2015, it will be interesting to see how far this project will go. But one thing is for certain. It is greatly helping the local economy in Acadiana. The more people that find it the become followers daily. You may see many posts on the facebook page, but there is always something to do in Southwestern Louisiana. With Live And Local you will always be able to find it. The calendar and The “List of the Week” is updated daily and weekly by Komodo Design to create efficiency in the project. Future growth is certain. “We are glad we listened to the public when we did.” It has been an absolute pleasure to bring this service to the community and the many Live Music venue owners who believe in the project! Become a member by contacting the site. (click here) The site sells advertising for events, festivals, and live music venues can utilize a better following with the help of Komodo Design staff writers and photographers.