Website Design in Lafayette, LA

Website Design has changed the way we live and do business throughout the world. In small communities website design emerges to new heights on a regular basis. Komodo Design has researched the most emerging markets in technology. We strive to develop creative and unique practices in our local “Acadiana” market.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Placement & Marketing has had a great effect on the internet since its rise of Google in our local communities. This costly and time consumed market can be overwhelming when you are fighting for first place in a saturated market. Komodo Design can answer questions regarding this market giving you a competitive edge creatively. We teach many local business client daily about proper SEO practices, and can help you too!

Social Media Management in Lafayette, LA

One question we continue to help many local businesses is: Can you help us with Social Media? The answer is “YES.” We are a local provider for social media management, content, programming, and facebook graphics. We maintain over 50 local accounts in the local market. If we cannot help you with social media, and at an affordable rate, no one can. Contact Us Today at

Commercial Photography

The right picture speaks to the masses. Between good judgement, and the right angle could spark the right look online. Our philosophy is not to bring in artificial elements, but to show the product the consumer knows to be real. We have helped over 200 local and state wide clients with commercial photography & the very best online content!